Marine refrigeration Cairns is our area of expertise. We’ve been installing, maintaining and repairing marine refrigeration on boats of all shapes and sizes, for over 15 years. While we have experience working on prawn trawlers and line boats, at present we’re specialising in servicing the marine refrigeration requirements of reef boats, charter boats, yachts and privately owned vessels. If this sounds like you and you want to keep things ontemp, in regard to freezing, refrigeration or air conditioning, then we’re your go to team. We are enthusiastic, professional and dedicated to exceeding your expectations with service and quality. Contact us today for a free quote on your marine refrigeration Cairns requirements. Call Robert 0488 032 421 or Amanda 0413 322 131 or

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MARINE REFRIGERATION Cairns - Reef Boats & Private Boats

Marine refrigeration Cairns services require specific knowledge and expertise, to ensure best results and reliable operation. We know when you’re at sea, with guests, customers and/or family and friends, you want to be providing cold drinks and appropriately refrigerated food. We know. We’ve been working in the marine refrigeration Cairns industry for over 15 years. We know the challenges of equipment working properly at sea and we know the importance of ensuring your product and produce stays ‘ontemp’ for safe consumption.

We ‘get it’ and will ensure your marine refrigeration Cairns system won’t let you down when you need it most. We provide routine maintenance services while the boat is in port, as well as 24/7 emergency breakdown service when and where you need us most.

MARINE AIR CONDITIONING Cairns - Install, Clean & Service

Marine air conditioning Cairns is another area we’re active in, providing professional installation, cleaning and maintenance services on all leading brands and models. We’ve worked on boats large and small, from reef day trippers, to island transfers, cruising boats, family boats and white boats. Our marine air conditioning Cairns services are provided using quality products and equipment, delivered with efficiency and attention to detail.

We install and service all brands of marine air conditioning and refrigeration units. Areas we can help with include, but are not limited to: descaling condensers, checking gas pressure, leak testing, oil and filter changes and cleaning evaporator coils. Please note we recommend flushing condensing units once a year for peak performance and reliability. When you choose OnTemp Refrigeration & Air Conditioning as your preferred contractor, you can be confident we have the skills and expertise to deliver superior outcomes for the tough marine environment. We’ll keep your products and people ontemp.



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