Ocean World Seafood

freezer rooms were not maintaining temperature efficiently. OnTemp provided the solution with a new condensing unit and pipework.

Ocean World Seafood Market were experiencing some performance issues with their main freezer room, which was not efficiently maintaining its optimum temperature. We were engaged to remove the old condensing unit, which had a bad compressor motor burn-out, and replace it with a new unit and new pipework.

Obviously, being in the seafood industry, it was critical for them to maintain good freezer temperatures. A key requirement of this project was to match the existing evaporator capacity to the new condensing unit and replace undersized pipework.

To achieve optimum results, we engineered all new equipment to size, including pipes, valves, insulation and motors. A frame was constructed, to allow the condensing units to slide in and out of the plant room, allowing crane to access the unit.

In conjunction with this project, we installed a suction burnout filter drier, to remove acid from old motor burn-out. Nitrogen was purged though copper pipework when welding, to stop carbon scale forming, keeping the new system squeaky clean.

At OnTemp, we’re committed to providing our Cairns commercial refrigeration customers with a total service solution. We will liaise with businesses as and where needed to ensure your work is completed with maximum efficiency. In this instance, we liaised with a roofer who helped to dismantle and construct the required plant room structure to complete the project.

To maximise longevity and performance of the new system, we replaced a section of roof sheet under the unit where condensation was dripping and manufactured and installed a new aluminium tray, to catch and defer any condensation forming on cold valves on the new condensing unit.

This project went smoothly and all work was completed on time and on budget. If you need professional services for your Cairns commercial refrigeration requirements, contact Amanda at OnTemp today on 0413 322 131 or email us info@ontemp.com.au

IssueThe freezer rooms were not maintaining temperature efficiently.
ServiceCommercial Refrigeration
LocationOcean World Seafood
OutcomeRemoved the old condensing unit, which had a bad compressor motor burn-out, and replaced it with a new unit and pipework.

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