Max Stocks Food Services

Wanted to automate the process of temperature checking, readings and recordings. We made it happen, with a new easy to use system.

Max Stocks Food Services wanted to increase their efficiencies and reporting capabilities, on the temperature readings from all of their cold and freezer rooms. They were having to do this manually, which was time consuming and did not provide comprehensive product temperature recordings.

We were engaged to install and program temperature loggers, which would enable them to accurately monitor air and product temperatures inside all cold rooms and freezers, from any smartphone or computer.

The new technology also generates detailed reports, which can be emailed to multiple addresses. The temperature probes were calibrated, and product temperature sensors were mounted inside a glycol bottle, to better depict actual product temperatures which are not affected by rapid changes in air temperature due to a door being opened or unit defrosting.

To ensure a consistent digital connection, which was critical for performance and reliability, the units were planned and placed in specific locations which had good WIFI connection. In addition, the new automated system has been programmed to send a warning notification to OnTemp should there be any problems detected. This enables a rapid and efficient response.

The new, digital temperature loggers provide Max Stocks Food Services with a range of benefits. This includes, but is not limited to: time savings, from manually getting temperature readings; more detailed and accurate reports and monitoring; live access to readings from anywhere. In addition, the program is simple and easy to navigate, with easy to read temperature results and there’s no ongoing fees or subscriptions associated with the program.

From our perspective, this was a quick and easy project. It took a few days to install all loggers and program software and set up automated reports and alerts, before handing over to the customer.

At OnTemp Refrigeration & Air Conditioning it’s our goal to maximise the efficiency of your plant and products. Whether that’s from an operational perspective, or by utilising the latest technology to improve your monitoring, recording and response capabilities. For more information on this, or if you want to install a similar system at your premises, contact Amanda at OnTemp today on 0413 322 131 or email us

IssueWant to automate the process of temperature readings and recordings.
ServiceCommercial Refrigeration
LocationMax Stocks Food Services
OutcomeInstalled and programmed temperature loggers, which enables the air and product temperatures inside all cold rooms and freezers, to be easily monitored from any smartphone or computer.

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